20 shambles

The Flax & Twine is based in a beautiful 18th century building at 20 Shambles in the historic city of York.  

The building is spread over three floors, with the original staircase, sash windows and a wealth of other features, including fireplaces and beams.  We kindly request that visitors take lots of pictures when they're visiting.  You can share them with us on our facebook page.

Over the past three hundred years, 20 Shambles has hosted lots of different business..  Originally, it housed the business of one William Dalton, who made rope, flax & twine at the premises for over 100 years.  It is from this man and his trading in what is arguably the most beautiful (and certainly the most higgledy piggeldy) that we take our name.

So now it is our home and we feel incredibly lucky to be the current custodians. It may not be be the most impressive building in our city, but it has played its part in York's vast history.